Who To Hire For Concrete Foundation

A traditional foundation is usually used to support a building or structure. Placing it below the frost line and ensuring that it is broader, the wall erected on top of it; the foundation or footing provides the base support that the wall needs to stand upon. There are three different foundations. They include

Frost Protected:  This foundation is used for heated structures. Two sheets of rigid polystyrene insulation are placed – on the outer part of the foundation wall and below the foundation on the gravel surface underneath to prevent freezing. By insulating the foundation in such a manner, the heat prevents the ground temperature surrounding the footing from freezing.

T-Shaped Foundation: This foundation is used in areas where the ground freezes. By placing a footing below the frost line, constructing the wall, and placing a t-shaped foundation between the walls, the structure can be efficiently supported against environmental factors.

Slab-On-Grade Foundation: This type of concrete foundation is a single layer Concrete, usually several inches thick, and forms integral footing. The edges of the slab are generally thicker as it is reinforced with rods to strengthen it. Such concrete slab usually rests on a crushed gravel surface so as to ensure adequate drainage. This foundation is generally used in areas where the ground doesn’t freeze.

Who to Hire

Constructing a concrete foundation is not something that any homeowner can take on themselves. It requires skill and expertise and depends on the project’s magnitude; it may require you to use a licensed expert. For instance, while it may be acceptable for you to lay your garage’s foundation yourself, the same can’t be said for a home. In such a situation, building codes and regulations would usually require that experts should handle the project. It is essential to find the right people to handle this initial process as that will determine how your building looks and functions. Usually, the best thing to do when you have a construction project in your home is to call a professional. Thus, the right person for your concrete construction is a concrete contractor.

Using a concrete contractor means you can prevent all the mistakes that you could make on such jobs, which could end up costing more than whatever you intend to save from doing it yourself. A concrete contractor will ensure the durability and functionality of your foundation. 

However, you must be able to distinguish between a small contractor or ordinary handyman who consider themselves to be experts in pouring and finishing concrete and an actual concrete contractor who is experienced and trained at his job.  Here are the means through which you can find the right concrete contractor.

Concrete companies offer the best chance to find the right concrete contractor. Most concrete companies are licensed and experienced with different projects to their names. Most of them are also insured, so you can rest assured about the quality of your work. 

You can also look out for concrete contractors by checking construction sites in your neighborhood. This gives you the chance to see firsthand what the concrete contractor is capable of, especially when it comes to slabs, flatwork, and footings. By visiting building sites and seeing the contractor their element, you can easily decide if they are good for you or not.


You can also find the right contractor through friends, family, or even from neighboring homeowners. If a contractor does a good job, homeowners would be open to giving you their contacts and vouching for them, so also would your friends and family members. Sometimes, the best way to determine the quality of the contractor you are thinking of using is by making inquiries from previous clients.