How Important is Sealing and Finishing Concrete

Concrete is a great construction material and preferred to all others on most occasions. It is used for almost everything from sidewalks, driveways, bridges, buildings, etc. As a material, concrete is a very durable material. But it is not invincible, so there are different ways of making this material stronger and better. Two such methods are by sealing and finishing concrete. It is possible to confuse the two and consider them to be the same thing, but this is far from what obtains reality. Finishing is not the same thing as sealing, but both of them serve to make the concrete better. In this article, we consider the importance of finishing and sealing your concrete.


Sealing your concrete means adding sealants to your concrete to block the pores that are in this naturally porous material. Here is the importance of sealing concrete.

Protection from Dirt: The concrete’s tiny holes are usually perfect spots for dirt to form and thicken. By sealing your concrete, you protect the surface from dirt such as dust, grease, oil, food stains, urine, tire tracks, etc. Sealing concrete makes it easier to sweep or mop it, and remove the dirt. 

Durability: Yes, concrete can be more durable than it currently is, and sealing it is one way to achieve this. Adding sealant to your surface is adding an extra protection layer.

Weather Shield: Environmental elements such as sunlight, snow, and rain can have adverse effects on the concrete. Before you know it, your smooth and shiny concrete surface is fading and wearing off. However, adding sealants means freeze-thaw damage, and harmful ultraviolet rays would have fewer effects on your concrete surface.

Improve Appearance: There are sealers that don’t just protect your concrete surface but also make it more beautiful by giving it a polished or matte look. They also ensure that your concrete keeps its color at all times, so it is always looking new.

Mold Resistance: If moisture gets into concrete, it becomes easy for mildew and mold to grow within it. Adding sealers to your surface becomes resistant to such and saves you the cost of maintenance.  


Finishing your concrete is an essential stage of any concrete construction and the final stage as well. It has its own importance, which includes

Smoother Surface: Finishing your concrete gives you an even and smooth surface. This has its aesthetics benefits, but beyond that, it also makes the surface more functional.

Cost-efficient: A finished concrete saves you money in the long run. This is because the cost of maintenance is reduced as it is less prone to damages and wear and tear when compared to unfinished concrete.

Reduces or Prevents Dust: Where the concrete is unfinished, it is a prime spot for the absorption of particles and dust. This will, in turn, lead to the concrete breaking down. Dust is arguably the number one problem of unfinished concrete, and it is difficult to get rid of the dust using a broom or mop.


Sealing and finishing your concrete ensures that it serves you for a long time, and you will definitely enjoy using it.